• Tel: 023 9238 9203
  • Tel: 023 9238 9203
LCE Home Automation

Multi Room Audio

A feast for all your senses

Make home entertainment easy, comfortable and social with a bespoke automated audio visual system, designed to achieve attention to detail for all your senses.


Transform the way you listen to music

Multi room audio allows you to listen to different music in different rooms of your home or to have simultaneous sound that follows you as move between rooms. Imagine walking from room to room having your favourite radio show or album follow you. Or throwing a party and simultaneously filling the living room, kitchen and garden with music. This reality is no longer only accessible to the wealthy. Multi-room audio systems are now accessible, affordable and can transform the way you enjoy music in your home.


Access a world of music

With a multi room audio system you can browse and select tracks from your own device, iTunes, media drives or CDs. It also gives you access to millions of tracks on demand, streaming live via Spotify, Deezer, Napster and Last.fm etc.


Discreet Design

We design and install multi-room audio systems to suit varying needs and budgets. From a wireless speaker system in the key rooms of your home to a fully integrated multi-room audio system with concealed ceiling speakers and built in control panels. Our experienced engineers pay attention to the finest detail to ensure that every installation offers discreet design and superb sound quality.