• Tel: 023 9238 9203
  • Tel: 023 9238 9203
LCE Home Automation

Climate Control

Automated Climate control at your fingertips

Automated heating and air conditioning installation can drastically improve the economy of your home. An automated climate control system can be managed centrally or remotely to avoid wasteful usage and achieve maximum heating and cooling efficiency without having to change your lifestyle,

With the use of a single remote control, iPad or iPhone you can programme your heating and air conditioning to be at exactly the right temperature throughout your home, all from one central control panel.

You can even set the perfect temperature for your arrival when you’re on your way back from being out.


Discreet Installations

Our automated climate control installations can work with existing heating and air conditioning systems including underfloor heating and towel heaters.

Installed by our own experienced and qualified engineers we an offer a range of discreet unit options so that controlling the comfort of your home doesn’t need to impact on aesthetics.